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One Winnetka Planned Development

UPDATE - At the July 27, 2016 Special Council meeting, a site plan and graphic rendering of the Lincoln Avenue elevation and an updated traffic study were requested.  These were submitted by the developer, and reviewed by the Council in the agenda materials for the September 20 Regular Council meeting. 

On September 20, after hearing public comment on the proposed development, the Village Council discussed the preliminary application and added their conditions for preliminary approval.  Then, by a margin of five in favor and one against, the Trustees voted to direct the Village Attorney and Staff to draft a Preliminary Planned Development Ordinance and development agreement.

The Village anticipates that the Preliminary Planned Development Ordinance will be introduced this fall.  The draft Ordinance and related agenda materials will be available for public inspection once the packet materials for that meeting are posted to the Village website.


Revised Plans dated July 20, 2016 -  The applicant submitted revised plans, which were presented to the Village Council on July 27, 2016.   Revisions include the following changes:

  1. The development site has been expanded to include the Conney's Pharmacy site at 736 Elm Street.  Application materials note that Conney's Pharmacy will remain in business, to be relocated across the street to the vacant space at 727 Elm Street (previously Mirani's Restaurant).

  2. The height of the west building along Lincoln Avenue has been reduced in height from 70' to 59'  [Note: a portion of the building, comprising less than 5% of the building's roofline, incorporates a parapet wall increasing the height to 61'-6" in those areas];

  3. The height of the east building on Elm Street has been increased in height from four (4) stories and 45' to five (5) stories and 58';

  4.  The height of the four-story center building on Elm Street has been increased in height from 42'-6" to 48'-10";

  5. The proposed retail commercial space has been reduced in area by 7,486 square feet from 41,381 square feet to 33,895 square feet;

  6. The proposed subterranean Village parking structure beneath Lincoln Avenue has been reduced in size from 194 parking spaces to 56 parking spaces;

  7. The previously proposed Lincoln Avenue public plaza has been eliminated, resulting in an additional 17 on street public parking spaces on Lincoln Avenue compared to the previous plan;

  8. The applicant's proposed streetscape improvements adjacent to the development site have been expanded to include additional streetscape improvements on the north side of Elm Street between Arbor Vitae Road and LIncoln Avenue.


WRITTEN COMMENTS ARE WELCOME  In addition to commenting at public meetings throughout the course of the review process, comments may be submitted in writing.  Written comments may be sent to, or sent by mail to:

Village of Winnetka

Community Development Department
510 Green Bay Road
Winnetka, IL 60093
WRITTEN COMMENTS RECEIVED  - All written comments are shared with the Village Council.  The following written comments on the One Winnetka application have been received to date:






PREVIOUS HEARING AND MEETING SCHEDULE- All meetings which are to be held to consider the proposed development are open to the public, with time set-aside to allow for public comment at each meeting.





  • November 16, 2015 Zoning Board of Appeals 
  • December 14, 2015 Zoning Board of Appeals 


  • November 19, 2015 Design Review Board 
  • January 21, 2016 Design Review Board
  • February 18, 2016 Design Review Board


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