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One Winnetka Planned Development

One Winnetka Update

On December 19, 2017, the Village Council is scheduled to consider proposed changes to the One Winnetka project as summarized in a December 12, 2017, letter from David Trandel, Managing Partner, SB One Winnetka, LLC (the “Developer”).   In summary, the Developer would like to replace the proposed East and West parking garages with a second level of parking under the proposed One Winnetka building.    In addition, the Developer proposes shifting the One Winnetka building to the east.   They would no longer need to acquire portions of the Lincoln Avenue right-of-way, but would need to acquire a portion of the existing Village parking lot property located to the east of the One Winnetka parcels.  The Developer states the proposed changes are necessary to reduce the overall project costs in order to bring the costs in line to make the project financially feasible. Also included in the December 19 Agenda Packet is a staff report regarding the Developer's request and how the Village Council may wish to handle the request.

Planned Development Process - Final Plan Approval

In contrast with the Preliminary Plan approval stage, the Final Plan approval stage is comparatively less subjective in nature, with an emphasis instead on establishing extensive record of the project’s more technical construction details.  Thus, in order to file for Final Plan approval, the applicant must submit multiple detailed site engineering, utility and stormwater plans, as well as plans for any associated public improvements such as streetscape, parking and public utility improvements.  Procedurally, the Final Plan evaluation focuses on two main elements:  (1) the completeness and technical design of the applicant’s site engineering, utility, stormwater and public improvement plans, and (2) confirmation that Final plans are in substantial conformity with the approved Preliminary plans.

Over the summer of 2017, the proposed One Winnetka five-story multi-use development at the southeast corner of Elm Street and Lincoln Avenue worked its way through the public review process for final plan development approval. In July, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Plan Commission and the Design Review Board reviewed the project’s final plans to determine if the plans are in substantial conformity with the preliminary plans approved by the Village Council in January 2017.  Each body found such, and recommended Village Council approval of the final plans.

Agenda materials from each advisory board are provided below.

Plan Commission:

Zoning Board of Appeals:


Design Review Board:

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