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Summary Description


The development plan also proposed public improvements to Village property, including proposed modifications to public parking lots, public sidewalks and street right-of-way. Proposed public improvements include: 

1)      Public parking improvements– existing public parking owned by the Village would continue to be owned by the Village; the developer proposes certain improvements to public parking described below, a portion of which would be funded by the applicant/developer:

a)  East Elm parking lot reconstruction and expansion- the existing surface lot located east of the former Baird and Warner building at 714 Elm would be reconstructed, expanding the number of spaces from 62 spaces to 97 spaces.  The additional 35 spaces would be provided by constructing an additional “half-level” below grade;

b)  Lincoln Avenue commuter parking – 44 existing street-level commuter parking spaces would be relocated to a two-story below-grade parking garage, with the number of commuter parking spaces increased by 100 spaces, to 144 spaces.  Commuter parking spaces would open onto the adjacent Metra / Union Pacific right-of-way.

c)  Lincoln Avenue short term shopper parking– 21 existing street-level short term spaces for shoppers and business district visitors would be relocated and increased in number.  The plans call for an increase of 39 spaces, to a total of 60 short term shopper parking spaces.  Seven (7) spaces would be located at street-level on Lincoln Avenue, and 53 within the below-grade garage.

2)   Lincoln Avenue street modifications– In conjunction with the development of the below grade parking, plans call for the redevelopment of the street level pavement.  Plans call for a narrowing of Lincoln Avenue, and provision of additional pedestrian amenities which would allow for community events and a public gathering space. A portion of the costs for Lincoln Avenue streetscape/community space development would be funded by the applicant/developer.

3)   Elm Street water main replacement – an existing 6” Elm Street water main would be upgraded to a new 16” main from Lincoln Avenue to Maple Street, serving the proposed development and replacing an existing 16” water main within Lincoln Avenue which would be taken out of service. A portion of the costs for the Elm Street water line would be funded by the applicant/developer.


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