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Leaf Collection and Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

UPDATE: Winnetka’s 2016 Annual Spring Clean-up is scheduled for May 9th-12th. Crews will begin North of Tower Road on Monday, between Tower Road and Pine Street on Tuesday, between Pine Street and Willow Road on Wednesday, and South of Willow Road on Thursday.

The annual Spring Cleanup Program is a free service to residents provided by the Public Works Department. The program provides residents an excellent opportunity to clean out attics, basements, garages, etc. of unwanted items and materials. The Public Works Crews collect almost anything that two men can reasonably lift from the parkway into a truck.

There are, however, some items crews will not collect as part of the Spring Cleanup, including:

  • Yardwaste
  • Dirt or stones
  • Construction material
  • Logs
  • Paint (including paint thinner and stains)
  • Chemicals
  • Gasoline or oil
  • Pesticides or herbicides
  • Propane tanks
  • Any other liquids or hazardous materials

Please do not place any of the above listed items at the curb for pickup. Crews are not able to collect these items and they will be left behind.

As with Leaf Collection, crews are not able to respond to callbacks for Spring Cleanup once the program has concluded. Throughout the year, though, Public Works offers special pickups (at a fee) through its refuse collection program. Residents can call the Public Works Department at 847-716-3568 to request a special pick up.

Leaf Collection

UPDATE: Leaves will be collected from the top curb by vacuum machines from October 19th through November 29th, 2015. Residents should rake leaves one foot back from the curb to avoid creating hazards. Piles of leaves in the street attract children who cannot be seen by drivers; cars parked on leaves might catch on fire due to heat from exhaust pipes; and leaves create slippery conditions causing vehicles to lose traction. Also, leaves raked one foot from the parkway will not clog sewer drains or reduce the width of traffic lanes. Residents are encouraged to reduce the amount of leaves to be collected by using a mulching mower. Weather permitting, it takes approximately 7 working days to complete one trip through the Village.

Every year the Public Works Department collects leaves (at no charge) from the parkways in residential neighborhoods. The leaves do not need to be bagged during the program, but residents are asked to rake leaves onto the parkway (not the curb line) so that the Public Works crews can efficiently and effectively collect the leaves.

The Village's annual leaf collection normally begins in October and runs through November. During that period, crews generally complete a sweep of the entire Village about once every seven days. It is possible that the crews will be by each house at least four times.

Due to the high demand during the Leaf Collection program and limited time frame, the Public Works Department does not accept callbacks when leaves are not in the parkway before crews pass. Residents can keep the leaves in the parkway until Public Works Crews return. However, if the program has ended and residents forgot to place the leaves in the parkway, then they will need to be placed in yardwaste bags. Bags may be purchased at Grand Foods or Lakeside Foods for $2.00.

Holiday Tree Pickup

Following the holiday season, in early January each year, the Public Works Department conducts a special program for Holiday Tree pickup. Trees are picked-up from the curbside for shredding, chipping, and composting. The service is generally offered the first through the third week of January. After the program has passed, trees will still be picked-up, as long as a $2 refuse sticker is displayed.

Residents wishing to participate should remove everything from trees that could clog or damage the shredder, including:

  • Plastic bags or wraps
  • Ornaments
  • Tinsel
  • Wires
  • Stands
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