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Business Community Development Commission

Regular meetings of the Business Community Development Commission (BCDC) take place on the fourth Monday of every month. All meetings are held at Village Hall and start at 7:00 p.m.


The BCDC was established in 2004 to implement the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Business Community Development Committee. The current BCDC consists of nine members, with one member designated to serve as chairperson. Each member serves for a term of three years, and the terms are staggered to assure continuity of the Commission.

The members of the BCDC are appointed on the basis of experience, expertise or interest in retail development, urban design and planning, retail business operations, commercial real estate, or retail marketing. There are two ex officio members, a Village Trustee and the Director of Community Development, neither of whom has a vote. The Executive Director of the Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce is also a member. At least one member must be a resident and consumer. No more than three of the remaining members may be non-resident retail business owners or operators, and the remaining members must be either a Village resident or the owner of commercial property in one of the Village's commercial zoning districts.

Powers and Duties

Acting in an advisory capacity for the Village Council, the BCDC performs such actions as:

  • Advise on matters relating to business and economic development opportunities within the Village’s commercial zoning districts;
  • Collect information and report to the Village Council on opportunities for business and investment in the Village's commercial zoning districts;
  • Perform studies and make recommendations to the Village Council concerning business development in the Village;
  • To identify grants and other financial resources available to the Village for business and economic development and, subject to the prior approval of the Village Council, to apply for such grants or financial resources.
  • Identify services and professional resources available to the Village for business and economic development;
  • And report to the Village Council from time to time on the Commission’s work.


Below is a list of the current members of the BCDC, including their position, contact information, and terms:

Jon Talty Chair 847-446-0226 06/03/2017
Paul Dunn At-Large 847-501-5041 10/15/2017
Tom Eilers At-Large 847-446-5358 07/01/2017
Patrick O'Neil At-Large 847-446-7100 05/1/2018
Jim Sayegh At-Large 847-343-5563 06/01/2016
Katie Cory At-Large 847-386-7900 08/05/2017
Terry Dason Chamber 847-446-4451 05/01/2018
Scott Myers Council Rep. 847-446-6560 05/01/2017
Mike D'Onofrio Staff Liaison 847-716-3526  



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