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Our driving principle is to guide and educate the Village residents and businesses to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible and to divert increasing amounts of solid waste from our landfills. 

In 2013 Winnetka recycled 29.84% of its waste from the landfill. Please help Winnetka increase the percentage of our waste that is recycled by learning more about the programs currently in place in Winnetka – links provided below.

EFC Recycling Update: July, 2016

Click here to view the Village's updated Recycling Guide!

EFC Special Materials Recycling Update: June, 2016

Click here to view the SWANCC Special Material Programs Guide!

EFC Recycling Update: May, 2016

To learn more about the Village's recycling services provider, Lakeshore Recycling Systems, and to see what happens to your recycled materials after they are picked up, click here.

EFC Recycling Update: April, 2015

The EFC is proud to announce the rollout of their Commercial District Recycling & Trash Receptacle Program. 25 sets of outdoor recycling/trash receptacles will be placed throughout the Village’s commercial districts beginning in April. The recycling receptacles are designated with signage on the top and sides of the containers. Accepted recyclable materials include paper, cardboard and containers/cans made from glass, metal/aluminum and plastics except those labeled #6.
The purchase of the containers was proposed by the EFC and approved by the Village Council in fall 2014 in an effort to encourage, build upon, and increase recycling efforts in Winnetka. Last year, the Village collected approximately 310 tons of recyclables from the commercial districts, and anticipates that number to increase as a result of the new program.

For more information on recycling, contact the Public Works Department at 847 716-3568. Click here to view the brand new Winnetka Recycling Guide.

Recyclable Items

The Village currently offers curbside recycling pick up for many paper, plastic (1-7 except 6), and glass items. Click hereCanStock-_Electronic_Recycling for details.

Working in conjunction with SWANCC (Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County) the Village also offers recycling of electronic items, such as televisions and computer monitors. It is illegal to dispose of these items in landfills. Click here for a list of acceptable items and hours of operation.

For recycling of smaller electronics, such as laptop computers and mp3 players, the Village partners with Avenues to Independence. These items can be dropped off at the Public Works facility located at 1390 Willow Road, weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. For more information on the program and a list of acceptable electronics, click here.

The Village has a new working relationship with Dart Container Corp. where we are able to recycle #6 Styrofoam, both block-style and food service items. Click here for a list of acceptable items and hours of operation.

Through the Winnetka Fire Department the Village provides for the safe disposal of most prescription and over-the-counter medicine. Click here for details.

As part of their Refuse and Recycling services, the Village offers Yard Waste collection. Click here for details.

The Winnetka Public Works Department is teamed up with the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) and Interstate Battery to offer a battery recycling program. Click here for more details.

You may also recycle your used, worn out athletic shoes at the Public Works facility located at 1390 Willow Road, weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Village has a year round recycling collection of all types of holiday lights at the Public Works Yards. Click here for more details. 

For more tips on items you can recycle, download the Village's Recycling Brochure or visit SWANCC’s Green Pages Directory.

New EFC Recycling Initiatives

  1. Placing recycling containers in our commercial districts
  2. Increasing recycling education for Village businesses 



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