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Winnetka Police Department Crime Alert

August 17, 2016 04:34 PM

Two vehicles stolen in Winnetka recently fit with a pattern of crimes committed in Winnetka and neighboring communities.  In all cases, keys or key-fobs were left inside of unlocked vehicles.  Lately, several violent crimes - including robbery and car-jackings - have also been committed in neighboring suburbs, with links to some of the same suspects.

Recent intelligence points to a group of offenders who travel to the area looking for unlocked vehicles with keys left inside. The offenders are thought to be armed and dangerous.

The Winnetka Police Department is working with agencies throughout the region to investigate these crimes.  Several offenders remain at large and are expected to continue comitting crimes until captured.  The Police Department asks for the community’s assistance:

  • Be particularly vigilant.
  • Lock the doors to your house and garage.
  • Remove visible belongings from your vehicles.
  • Lock your vehicles.
  • DO NOT leave your keys or key fob in your vehicle.
  • Call 911 if you observe any suspicious activity.

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