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Winnetka Police Department Crime Alert

July 27, 2017 09:34 AM

The North Shore suburbs continue to be a target for auto burglaries and thefts. In Winnetka recently, more than a dozen vehicles were unlawfully entered, and three vehicles were stolen and later recovered. The overwhelming majority of these cases involve unlocked vehicles with the key/fob and valuables left inside. Individuals suspected of being responsible for these crimes have proven to be youths with street gang affiliations. These individuals are considered dangerous, and there is evidence to suggest they may be armed. The Winnetka Police Department is collaborating with other area law enforcement agencies and is aggressively working to identify and apprehend individuals connected to these recent crimes.

Residents can reduce the likelihood of becoming a crime victim by taking some simple precautions:

  • Remove valuables from your vehicle.
  • Remove your keys/fob, lock your vehicle.
  • Close garage doors.
  • Illuminate the outside of your home at night.
  • Call 911 immediately if you see or hear anything suspicious.

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