Tickets & Fees

Parking Ticket Payment

The Village has hired a vendor to handle inquiries about parking tickets and to process payments. This will allow you to pay your ticket by credit card, mail, or drop box at the police station. The vendor can also answer inquiries about the parking tickets (payment history, reason for the ticket, etc.) and assign a court date, if desired. Please note that failure to pay or contest a ticket within 10 days of the issuance date will result in additional penalties.

The vendor is Citation Management, and they can be contacted as follows:

  • By phone, toll free: 877-501-9924 (Winnetka’s Agency Code is 4230)
  • Village website: Pay Parking Citations Online
  • By mail: Village of Winnetka / Citation Processing Center:
    PO Box 500
    Horseheads, NY 14845-0500
  • At the Police Department drop box:
    410 Green Bay Road
    Winnetka, IL 60093

You may contest your parking ticket by filing an Administrative Hearing Request Form (PDF). Return it to the Police Department or email it. Be sure to check on the form if you wish to appear in person or have the matter heard in writing.

False Alarms & Fees

Winnetka’s alarm ordinance covers various issues regarding burglar and fire alarms. Copies of the ordinance are available in the lobby of the Public Safety Building. According to Village Ordinance 804, a “False Alarm” means the erroneous activation of an alarm system through mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation, or the mistake of the alarm system user or the user’s agents, but excluding the activation of an alarm system by such natural or violent conditions as tornadoes, earthquakes, fire or lightning. 

By the same Ordinance, the Village levies fees for false burglar alarms. The fees are assessed for false alarms within a 12-month period.

The fees are as follows:

  • False alarms 1 through 2: No fee
  • False alarms 3 through 5: $50 each alarm
  • False alarms 6 through 9: $100 each alarm
  • False alarms 10 or More: $200 each alarm


The Winnetka Police Department Records Section sends out notices after responding to all received false alarms, including those that do not result in a False Alarm Fee. The Police Department still sends out invoices notifying you of the responses, even though you do not owe money for them. This way, if you receive an invoice for the 3rd or 4th alarm in the billing period you will be aware of prior calls.

Police Officers and/or Dispatchers make efforts to contact the owner or keyholder upon responding to all alarms but their efforts are not always successful. Check with your alarm company to make sure that your contact list is up-to-date. Officers will leave notes at the residence if no one could be contacted otherwise or if a door was found open.


All invoice payments should be addressed to the Village of Winnetka and sent to Village Hall at 510 Green Bay Road. Please include the invoice number on the check so that accounts are credited correctly. You do not need to return an invoice for an invoice where no fee was assessed. Questions should be directed to the Police Records section at 847-501-6034.