Boards & Commissions

Winnetkans have a proud history of volunteer service to the Village government, as evidenced by the over 50 residents who serve on eight lower boards and commissions without compensation. The Village President appoints members to these positions with approval of the Village Council, except for several exceptions on the Firefighters Pension Board and Police Pension Board. On these two pension boards, some members are elected by active and retired employees.

Boards & Commissions

In total, there are nine boards and commissions serving below the Village Council. Most of the groups serve in an advisory capacity on a variety of issues within the community. With the exception of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners and Foreign Fire Insurance Board, further information on the purpose, as well as powers and duties of each board and commission, can be found on their individual web pages:

  • Design Review Board
  • Environmental and Forestry Commission
  • Firefighters Pension Board
  • Landmark Preservation Commission
  • Plan Commission
  • Planned Development Commission
  • Police Pension Board
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

Serving on a Board

Residents interested in serving on an advisory board or commission should complete an Applicant Questionnaire (PDF).