CA Residential Mixed Use Development

At the January 21, 2020, Village Council meeting, the Council will review a revised concept plan application by CA Residential for a proposed four-story mixed-use planned development at the southeast corner of Elm Street and Lincoln Avenue (the former One Winnetka development site). The proposed mixed use development would only occur on privately owned property and consist of:

  • 90 residential rental units consisting of studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms
  • 15,543 square feet of commercial space, including 4,095 of office space along Lincoln
  • 158 parking spaces on the ground floor and lower levels

Additional information can be found here:

Questions about this project can be directed via email to David Schoon, Director of Community Development.

New Planned Development Process

In April 2019, the Village Council amended the planned development application process to provide an applicant with an opportunity to receive initial feedback from the Council prior to an applicant submitting a formal preliminary planned development application. Any Council member may make any comments, suggestions, or recommendations regarding the concept plan that they deem necessary or appropriate; these viewpoints are also only advisory and the opinion of the individual expressing them. No final or binding action is taken at this preliminary conceptual review. Nothing said or done during the concept review shall be deemed to create, or to prejudice, any rights of the Applicant or to obligate the Village Council to approve or deny any preliminary plan application.

During the formal preliminary application process, the public will be notified of the public hearings and meetings before the Planned Development Commission and the Design Review Board through a combination of a newspaper notice, sign notices posted on the site, and a mail notice sent to property owners within 250 feet of the Subject Property. In addition, the Village will use E-Winnetka, its weekly digital newsletter, to inform the community of these meetings.

Planned Development Process

The following links are charts summarizing the planned development process: