One Winnetka

Current Status

The properties commonly referred to as the “One Winnetka” site, located at the southeast corner of Elm Street and Lincoln Avenue, are now owned by the lender for the previously approved One Winnetka project. The lender is currently working with Murphy Development Group on redevelopment plans for the site. 

Since the Council’s October 18 review of the most recent concept development plan, the developer has submitted an amended concept plan for the Council to review. The amended concept plan incorporates the Conney’s Pharmacy building and the former Phototronics building into the new mixed-use planned development. 

January 2023 Proposed Amended Concept Planned Development

At the January 17, 2023 Village Council meeting, the Council reviewed an amended planned development concept plan filed by Murphy Development Group (the “Applicant”), as the designee of the property owner, RIC (Winnetka Lincoln) LLC (the “Owner”), that owns 714-16 Elm Street, 718-732 Elm Street, 740 Elm Street, 511 Lincoln Avenue, and 515 Lincoln Avenue (the “Subject Property”). The development group also has under contract the property at 736 Elm Street. The designated architect for this planned development project is OKW Architects, LLC. (For further information regarding the Village’s planned development review process, please see the Planned Development Process section below.)

The concept plan includes a four-story mixed use planned development for the property, consisting of: 

  • Approximately 59 residential rental units with 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units, 
  • 20,936 square feet of commercial space, and 
  • A total of 156 parking spaces consisting of 38 spaces at ground level for the commercial uses and 118 spaces on the lower level for the residential uses.

January 2023 Concept Plan from the Elm Street perspective
One Winnetka rendering

October 2022 Concept Plan: Axonometric ViewOne winnetka rendering

Planned Development Process

The first major step in the planned development review process is a concept plan review. The purpose of the Village Council’s review of a concept plan application is to broadly acquaint the Village Council an applicant’s proposal and provide the applicant with any preliminary views or concerns that members of the Council may have.  A review early in the process allows an applicant to make adjustments to their plans prior to expending the funds necessary to prepare the complete documentation required for a preliminary plan application.     

If an applicant decides to proceed with the project following feedback from the Village Council, they would submit a preliminary planned development application composed of all of the required documents for consideration by the Planned Development Commission and the Design Review Board. Property owners within 250 feet of the Subject Property would then be notified of these meetings by mail notice. In addition, a notice would be published in the local newspaper, and a sign notice would be posted on the Subject Property. Once the advisory bodies have completed their respective reviews, the Village Council considers the advisory bodies’ findings and recommendations on the preliminary plan and votes to grant, deny, or modify the planned development application, or the Village Council may return the matter to the Planned Development Commission or Design Review Board for further consideration.  

Provided the preliminary plan is approved by the Village Council, the Applicant then needs to submit a final plan for the Village Council’s consideration.  If the Council finds that the final plan substantially conforms to the approved preliminary plan, the Council would approve the final plan.