Downtown Streetscape

The Downtown Streetscape project addresses necessary infrastructure improvements to support Winnetka’s business district in the long-term, including critical updates to water and electric services. Learn about the proposed streetscape improvements by reading the adopted Downtown Master Streetscape and Signage Plan (PDF) and read about the overall vision for improvements to our business districts on our Downtown Master Plan page.

Construction Updates

New Update as of May 22.2020

This week the Contractor completed the installation of all of the remaining concrete and brick paver work. The installation of the new lighting controller has been completed, and all of the new pedestrian lights on Elm Street are turned on.  Next week, the Contractor is expected to install all of the remaining hardscape items including the new round planter and annual plants.  Upon completion of these items both phases of the Streetscape project will be considered substantially complete.

Initial Project Information

This year’s project consists of improvements on both sides of Elm Street between Green Bay Road and Chestnut Street as well as the north side of Elm Street between Chestnut Street and Birch Street. This work is primarily for the purposes of upgrading underground utilities, allowing our business districts to thrive. Following utility work, enhancements will be made, including reconstructed sidewalks, new light fixtures, trees, streetscape furnishings, and amenities.  The project is expected to be substantially completed by the end of June

Construction Phase Exhibit


There are 19 trees located within the area of this year’s project. Of them, and in conversation with the Village Foresters, 6 trees will be protected during construction with the hope that they can survive the necessary underground work. Of the remaining 13 trees to be removed, 7 are Ash trees that either currently are or are likely to become infested with the Emerald Ash Borer. 

The remaining 6 trees to be removed are either in poor condition, or are in areas where utility and construction conflicts make the tree’s survival unlikely. Once work on Elm Street is complete, 8 new trees will be planted in larger tree pits with structural soil placed underneath the sidewalk. In addition, 21 new trees will be planted along Spruce and Chestnut Streets.

Streetscape Phases Map