Downtown Streetscape

The Downtown Streetscape project addresses necessary infrastructure improvements to support Winnetka’s business district in the long term, including critical updates to water and electric services. Learn about the proposed streetscape improvements by reading the adopted Downtown Master Streetscape and Signage Plan (PDF) and read about the overall vision for improvements to our business districts on our Downtown Master Plan page.

2022 Construction

Phase 4 of the Downtown Streetscape Project will continue work in the West Elm Business District this spring and summer. 

Enhancements include underground utility work to serve the business district in the long-term, including water main work. The project also includes reconstructed sidewalks, instillation of new light fixtures, trees, furnishings, and amenities. Designs have been developed to preserve as many existing trees as possible. The Village is also working with the Garden Club of Winnetka to update plantings and landscaping in Moffatt Mall. 

Work will take place on Chestnut Street to Oak Street, Oak Street to Green Bay Road, within Chestnut Court, and in the Village Hall parking lot. The Contractor is expected to begin construction activities in mid-March, weather permitting, and the project is expected to be substantially completed by July 1.

Businesses will remain open and accessible throughout construction. Public parking will be available in the Post Office parking lot.

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Current Progress

During the week of May 23, the contractor completed the installation of the concrete sidewalks along Chestnut St and Oak St. Electrical work continues in Moffat Mall. The contractor is scheduled to install brick pavers and trees along Chestnut St during the week of May 30. 

To ensure work remains on schedule, the Village has approved the contractor's request to work on Saturday, May 28 with a start time of 8:00 AM. The contractor will focus on electrical work. Residents were notified in advance: 5/28/22 Saturday Construction Notice

During the week of May 16, the contractors poured the outer half of the sidewalks along Chestnut Court an Oak Street. The final half of the sidewalk is scheduled to be poured during the week of May 23. Electrical work within Moffat Mall continued and Village Hall. The contractors coordinated with the businesses and residents to ensure access to buildings. 

Chestnut Court is still closed to all traffic.  The Village Hall lot will be used as a staging area and is closed to traffic as well. The area is still accessible by foot and open to pedestrians.