Reopening Your Business

Illinois is moving into Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois reopening framework on June 26. Expanded business activity includes but it not limited to: indoor dining at restaurants and bars, indoor fitness activities, outdoor gatherings of 50 of fewer people. All persons must maintain social distancing and following all face-covering and health guidelines. 

Phase 4 Guidelines for Businesses:

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) provides business toolkits to assist businesses, landlords and property owners in the reopening process that includes guidelines, checklists, and posters. The Village recommends following these guidelines to ensure safe operations. Click on the links above or visit the DCEO website to find industry-specific the tool kits and guidelines.

  • Retailers and Service Counters may operate at maximum of 50% of store capacity. 
  • Personal care service workplaces may operate at maximum occupancy of 50% of capacity, and seating stations must be 6’ apart.
  • Restaurants and bars for open for indoor and outdoor dining. Seated area capacity of restaurants and bars should be determined by arranging seating to provide a minimum of 6’ between tables or other designated patron service areas. Dining may be limited to groups of up to 10. 
  • Health and fitness centers may operate at maximum of 50% of occupancy at any given time. Members should maintain 6’ of distance during exercise. 
  • Non-customer facing office spaces may operate at maximum occupancy of 50% of office capacity. 
  • Indoor recreation facilities should operate at lesser of 50 customers OR 50% of facility capacity. 
  • Outdoor recreation facilities should limit group sizes to 50 customers, with multiple groups permitted if proper social distancing and group management is enforced.
  • Day camps  may operate at maximum of 50% of facility capacity with group sizes of 15 participants or fewer (limited to 10 children in programs with changing participants week-by-week).
  • Youth and recreational sports venues may operate at maximum of 50% of facility capacity, at maximum of 20% seating capacity for spectators, and with groups of up to 50.  

Highlights of the reopening business tool kits:

  • Uniform guidelines and best practices on:
    • General health guidance
    • HR and travel policies
    • Health monitoring
    • Physical workspace
    • Disinfecting/cleaning procedures
    • Staffing and attendance
    • External interactions, and
    • Customer Behaviors

Financial Resources for Businesses:

Multiple funding options are offered from the federal and state government and the private sector for small businesses seeking relief.

  1. Temporary Outdoor Dining Policy
  2. Reopening signage
  3. Training Checklists
  4. Promoting your Business
  5. Additional Resources

The Village of Winnetka created temporary outdoor dining policy that provides guidance for Winnetka restaurants and other food service establishments licensed to serve food, beverages, and liquor for on-site consumption during Phase 4 of the State of Illinois Restore Illinois response to COVID-19. Please note: Phase 4 limits dining to parties of 10 persons or fewer. Email Brian Norkus, Assistant Director of Community Development Department or call him at 847-716-3526 with any questions.