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Apply For a Building Permit

To assure that building and site improvements are undertaken and completed in compliance with Village building codes, it is necessary to obtain building and other permits for additions, interior remodeling, demolition, new decks or replacement driveways, patios, swimming pools, fences, air conditioners, etc. Please contact the Community Development Department at 847-716-3576, or complete the form below before undertaking any major work around your house. Permits are required to be posted in a conspicuous location that is visible from the street.

Village of Winnetka
Application for Building Permit

This application shall be accompanied by plans, including all specifications, and all other documents required by the Village of Winnetka necessary to process the application.

The applicant hereby certifies to the correctness of the information provided and agrees to construct the proposed improvements in strict compliance with the approval plans as well as the provisions of the Winnetka Code and Zoning Commission.
(Work to be performed………Type of building – residential, commercial, garage, etc.)
(Name of owner)
(Address of building)
Application for:
Please list the address where the work will occur:

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