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Be a Good Neighbor, Pick up After Your Dog

August 14, 2018 02:24 PM
Be a Good Neighbor, Pick up After Your Dog

Picking up after your dog is an important part of responsible pet ownership.  In recent months, dog droppings have been left on both public parkways/sidewalks and private lawns.  This practice not only demonstrates a lack of civility and respect for your neighbors; it creates an air of degradation in the community.  Below are four good reasons to pick up after your dog:

Common Courtesy
Stepping in a messy pile can quickly ruin your good day.  When dog owners walk their pets, they are using shared public space – and it is their responsibility to ensure that they pick up after their pets.

Disease Causing Bacteria/Parasites are Harmful for Humans, Dogs and Our Water
A common misconception is that dog feces is natural fertilizer; however, this is not true.  Dog waste is full of E. coli and salmonella – and it is a common carrier of the following: worms, parvovirus, coronavirus, giardiasis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, and campybacteriosis.  These bacteria and parasites can linger in the soil for years!  Those who don’t pick up after their dog are also polluting the local waterways, and negatively impacting recreational uses like swimming and fishing, as well as potentially harming our drinking water.

Dog Waste Doesn’t Just Wash Away
Some people believe that if dog droppings aren’t picked up, they will quickly break down or wash away.  However, dog waste can take as long as a year to naturally break down.  The other downside is that, as previously mentioned, the bacteria linger in the soil.  So even if the droppings do eventually break down, all of the bacteria and parasites will be left to linger for several more years.

You’ll be in Compliance With the Law
Finally, leaving dog droppings behind for someone else to clean up is a violation Winnetka’s Village Code, which imposes a maximum fine of $750 for individuals who do not pick up after their pets.  Dog owners can show their neighborly concern by picking up after their pets at all times.  Doing so will help to keep the Village clean, reduce pollution to local waterways, and show consideration for our community.



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