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Building Permits and Construction

The Village has adopted new model building codes effective August 1, 2019 – view more information.


Building Permits

Permits (and Village inspections) are required for most construction activity, including many repair or replacement projects, in order to assure that work is performed in compliance with Village code requirements.  Building codes adopted by the Village of Winnetka establish minimum requirements for the safety and well-being of the property owner, occupants and the general public.

For assistance in determining whether your project requires a permit, review this document, or contact the Permit Coordinator at (847) 716-3520.

All work on the exterior of commercial, multi-family and institutional buildings requires application for a Certificate of Appropriateness, and typically includes approval by the Village’s Design Review Board.


Inspection requirements vary depending on the type of project, and can be scheduled by phoning the Permit Coordinator at (847) 716-3520.  Inspection requests must be placed at least 24 hours in advance.  Persons calling to request inspections are requested to provide (a) Village Permit number, (b) jobsite address, (c) contact name, (d) contact telephone number, and (e) type of inspection.

Permit Fees

The cost of a building permit varies—depending on the type of building and construction. Following is a permit fee listed, based on the type of permit. This list is current and effective as of January 1, 2019.


Permit Type Fee Permit Detail
Fence $65  
Shed $30/$1,000 of construction cost $70 minimum
Impermeable Surface $75 Driveway, sidewalks, patios
Remodeling $30/$1,000 of construction cost  
New Construction $1.30/square foot of new gross floor area  
Plumbing $70/5 plumbing fixtures Over 5, additional $10/fixture
Electric Service $9,800 (200 amp service) $21,000 (400 amp service)
Furnace and AC $70 base fee Additional $90 per unit
Deck $30/$1,000 of construction cost $70 minimum
Pool $515  
Roofing $65  


This fee list is updated annually by resolution, following adoption of the Village Budget.  For current fees, please contact Community Development at 847-716-3520.

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