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Building Codes

Effective August 16, 2012, the Village of Winnetka Board of Trustees adopted the 2009 model code series by the International Code Council (ICC), together with the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.   The model codes, adopted together with a series of local amendments, form the basis for building regulations in the Village of Winnetka.

Model codes are typically adopted on a three-year cycle with copies available for purchase from the respective publisher.   In addition, the model codes can be viewed for free at the websites of the respective publisher below.  When reviewing model codes through the links below, it is IMPORTANT to cross reference the linked model codes with the Village’s local amendments for an accurate picture of the Village of Winnetka’s building codes.

Building Codes with Local Amendments

   1   2009 ICC International Building Code  
(does not apply to one- and two- family dwellings)
Winnetka Amendments
   2   2009 ICC International Residential Code Winnetka Amendments

2015 ICC International Energy Conservation Code


Illinois Energy Code - supplemental standards

   4   2009 ICC International Mechanical Code Winnetka Amendments
   5   2009 ICC International Fuel Gas Code Winnetka Amendments
   6   2014 Illinois Plumbing Code Winnetka Amendments
   7   2008 NFPA National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) Winnetka Amendments
   8   2009 ICC Property Maintenance Code Winnetka Amendments
   9 Illinois Accessibiilty Code (Latest edition)  


Winnetka Village Code sections pertaining to Buildings and Construction

   1   Winnetka Village Code, Title 15 – Buildings and Construction
   2   Chapter 15.24 – Sewer Code
   3   Chapter15.28 – Tree Enhancement and Protection
   4   Section 15.32.140 – Construction hours
   5   Section 15.32.150 –Construction site management
   6   Chapter 15.36 – Certificates of Occupancy Required
   7   Section 15.44.080 – Alternative materials and equipment
   8   Section 15.44.090 – Fire Limits (limitations on combustible materials)


Fire Prevention and Life Safety Codes

   1   Chapter 15.16 Winnetka Village Code - Fire Prevention & Life Saftey Codes  
   2   International Fire Code, 2009 Edition (NFPA 1) Winnetka Amendments
   3 International Life Safety Code, 2009 Edition (NFPA 101) Winnetka Amendments
   3   Standards for the Installation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems, 2010 Edition (NFPA 13) Winnetka Amendments
   4   Standards for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems, 2010 Edition (NFPA 14) Winnetka Amendments
   5   National Fire Alarm Code, 2012 Edition (NFPA 72)  



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