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Permit Fees

The cost of a building permit varies—depending on the type of building and construction. Following is a permit fee listed, based on the type of permit. This list is current and effective as of February 11, 2019.

Permit Type Fee Permit Detail
Fence $65  
Shed $30/$1,000 of construction cost $70 minimum
Impermeable Surface $75 Driveway, sidewalks, patios
Remodeling $30/$1,000 of construction cost  
New Construction $1.30/square foot of new gross floor area  
Plumbing $70/5 plumbing fixtures Over 5, additional $10/fixture
Electric Service $9,800 (200 amp service) $21,000 (400 amp service)
Furnace and AC $70 base fee Additional $90 per unit
Deck $30/$1,000 of construction cost $70 minimum
Pool $515  
Roofing $65  


This fee list is updated annually by resolution, following adoption of the Village Budget. Please contact Community Development for current fees and clarification at 847-716-3520.

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