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One Winnetka Final Planned Development

Please note that materials are in reverse chronological order with the most current listed first.

Amended Final Plan Application - Current Proposal

Review by Design Review Board


Review by Village Council

Review by Advisory Bodies:

  • June 27, 2018, Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Design Review Board Joint Meeting
    • Joint Meeting Video Recording (follow the link and look for the video titled "June 27, 2018 Special Joint Meeting")
    • Legal Notice
    • Meeting agenda
    • Meeting materials
      • Staff Report
      • Reference and Background Information
        • Attachment 1:Procedures for Joint Advisory Board Meeting
        • Attachment 2: Excerpts of Site Plans, Building Elevations, Landscape/Streetscape Plans from 2017 Final Planned Development Application
        • Attachment 3: 2017 Final Planned Development Review Advisory Board Minutes: (a) July 10, 2017, Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes; (b) July 20, 2017, Design Review Board Minutes (c) July 26, 2017, Plan Commission Minutes
        • Attachment 4: December 19, 2017, Village Council Meeting Minutes – Presentation of Amended Plan Concept
        • Attachment 5: Public Comments Received
      • Applicant Submittals
        • Attachment A: Applicant’s Project Narrative – June 2018
        • Attachment A1: Comparison of 2017 Final Plan Documents with Current Final Plan Documents
        • Attachment B:  Architectural Plan Sheet (part 1)
        •                              Architectural Plan Sheet (part 2)
        •                              Architectural Plan Sheet (part 3)
        •                              Architectural Plan Sheet (part 4)
        • Attachment C:  Civil Engineering
        • Attachment D:  Landscape & Streetscape Plan
        • Attachment E:  Subdivision Plat & Planned Development Plat
        • Attachment F: Traffic Study
        • Attachment G: Shadow Study
        • Attachment H: Stormwater Report
        • Attachment I: Pedestrian Crosswalk System   
  • Approved minutes

Public Comments Received


Presentation of Amended Plan Concept

Review by Village Council


Initial Final Plan Application

Review by Advisory Bodies

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