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Review Process Description


The Planned Development process is a form of development regulatory review established under the Village Zoning Ordinance.  The Planned Development regulations outlined in Section 17.58 of the Zoning Ordinance were established in 2005,and are  intended to provide for a degree of flexibility in the development review process for larger sites over 10,000 square feet.  The Planned Development process differs from the standard development review process in that it allows for departure from the strict application of  specific zoning requirements, in an effort to promote progressive development and redevelopment of land by encouraging more creative and imaginative design than may possible under the zoning regulations that generally apply.

The Planned Development process includes two rounds of review; a preliminary review phase consists of review by: a) Plan Commission; b)  Zoning Board of Appeals; and c) Design Review Board.  Each board conducts their own public meetings and/or hearings to evaluate the proposed development for consistency with specific standards and makes recommendation to the Village Council.  Each board may require the developer to submit additional details as it may deem necessary in order to better understand the impact of the proposal.

The Village Council may grant, deny, or modify the planned development application, or may send the application back to the advisory boards for further consideration.

If granted preliminary approval, the development would return several months later for final review stage.  The final review stage provides time for the development of more specific plans for final approval, including site engineering and stormwater detention details, public improvements, and the like.

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