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Special Projects

This page contains information regarding the following Community Development Department special projects:

 Adopted Zoning Ordinance Amendments to the C-2 Commercial Overlay District as well related amendments to the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District and the C-2 General Retail Commercial District

On April 4, 2019, the Village Council adopted Ordinance No. MC-01-2019, An Ordinance Amending the “Winnetka Zoning Ordinance” Regarding Uses and Regulations in the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District, C-2 General Retail Commercial District, and the C-2 Commercial Overlay District. In order to provide commercial property owners with time to plan for the proposed amendments, the Village Council provided ninety-days before the amendments go into effect, which will be July 4, 2019.  

The following links provide information regarding the amendments. The first document is a summary and the second document includes a copy of the ordinance.

As you review the ordinance amendments, we would like to provide you with the following reminder. In each zoning district, certain land uses are allowed by right, or what is called a permitted use (P). Other land uses require the Village Council approval before the use can occupy a space; such a use is called a special use (SU). The ordinance identifies, which uses are permitted uses and which are special uses.  If you have any questions regarding whether a particular proposed use for a commercial space is a permitted use or a special use, please contact the Community Planning Department at 847-716-3527.

 Adoption of New Model Building Codes

On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, the Winnetka Village Council adopted Ordinance MC-5-2019, which adopted more current model building and fire safety codes, with local amendments, as the Building Code for the Village of Winnetka. 

All building and fire safety permit applications submitted on or after August 1, 2019, will be reviewed for compliance with the following model codes, local amendments to these codes, as well as other existing Village and other applicable governmental regulations. 

 One Winnetka Documents

On October 16, 2018, the Village Council approved all of the documents regarding the zoning and subdivision relief for an amended application, Case No. 17-10-PD, submitted by SB One Winnetka, LLC and SB Winnetka, LLC: (1) to develop a mixed use planned development located on 511-515 Lincoln Avenue, on 714-732 Elm Street, 736-740 Elm Street, and on the westerly portion of 710 Elm Street, and (2) to reconstruct a public parking lot on the easterly portion of 710 Elm Street. 

The approval documents contain milestones that the developer must meet. At the end of December, the One Winnetka developer exercised its option, as provided in the Planned Development Ordinance, for a 90-day extension to close on Conney’s property and record the final plat of subdivision. That extension gave the developer until March 31, 2019, to meet these obligations, or to exercise its second and final option to request another 90-day extension. In mid-March, the developer informed the Village that it would be exercising its second and final option to extend this deadline (to June 29, 2019).  

View an executive summary of the documents.
View a Village staff memorandum about these documents.

The approved documents are as follows:

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