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Zoning, Subdivision & Special Approvals


The current Zoning Ordinance establishes standards which control the development and use of land in a way which promotes community welfare and protects the health and safety of residents. 

The Village is divided into a series of districts which control the use of property and the standards for development; including five single-family residential districts, two multiple family residential districts, two commercial zoning districts, and one industrial district.  Each zoning district is identified in the Village’s official Zoning Map.

You may also contact the Community Development Department at 847-716-3527 to determine the zoning classification of a property.

Zoning Variations

In some cases, strict application of the Zoning Ordinance creates practical difficulties or hardship for a property owner.  In such cases, the property owner may seek an exception to a provision of the Zoning Ordinance, which is termed a “variation,” and is granted or denied based on standards outlined in the Zoning Ordinance.  For example, an addition that would be closer to the lot line than permitted under the zoning provisions would require approval of a zoning variation.

Depending on the type of zoning relief sought, the request may fall under the final approval authority of the Zoning Administrator, Zoning Board of Appeals, or the Village Council.

It is highly recommended that a pre-application meeting be scheduled before proceeding with any request for zoning relief; a meeting can be scheduled by calling 847-716-3525. It is also recommended that a potential applicant review the application materials and forms prior to the pre-application meeting.

Special Uses

Certain uses, because of their unique characteristics, require evaluation on a case-by-case basis in order to permit consideration as to the impact on neighboring land and/or the public need. Such uses are classified as “special uses.” A public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals and a favorable vote by the Village Board is required prior to the establishment of a special use, or prior to modifications to existing special uses.

As is the case with variations, specific standards for special uses are outlined in the Zoning Ordinance.

It is highly recommended that a pre-application meeting be scheduled before proceeding with any request for special use permit; such meeting can be scheduled by calling 847-716-3525.

Subdivision and Consolidation

Title 15 of the Village Code regulates planning and platting, including subdividing and consolidating property. Such requests are reviewed for recommendation by the Plan Commission and approval by the Village Council. Click here for the subdivision/consolidation application.

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