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Zoning was first adopted in the Village following adoption of the Village’s first comprehensive plan, the Plan of Winnetka by Edward Bennett in 1921.

The current Zoning Ordinance establishes standards which control the development and use of land in a way which promotes community welfare and protects the health and safety of residents. Zoning requirements which control the use of land and buildings, and control on density and setbacks are intended to insure compatibility with existing development.

The Zoning Ordinance is one of the tools used to implement the Comprehensive Plan, which is the long range plan for the Village. The Zoning Ordinance is drafted in accordance with State law governing land use.


The Village is divided into a series of different zones which control both the use of property and the standards for development; including five (5) single family residential districts, two (2) multiple family residential districts, two (2) commercial zoning districts, and one industrial zone. The majority of land in Winnetka is zoned for single family use, with commercial and multiple family zones located along the Green Bay Road Corridor and clustered near each of the Village’s three commuter rail stations. Each zoning district is depicted in the Village’s official Zoning Map.

You may also contact the Community Development Department at 716-3527 to determine the zoning classification of a property.

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