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Thank you for visiting the Finance Department, which is located in the historic Village Hall building constructed in 1927, across from the Elm Street Train Station. The Finance Department is the main counter for conducting financial transactions with the Village.

The Finance Department is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all Village Funds.

Major responsibilities of the Department include:



The Village of Winnetka believes that financial information should be available for the general public so that they can understand our operations and how they are financed. To that end, the Village prepares an annual budget that outlines the revenues and expenditures for all major operations and capital expenditures for the Village.

The budget includes background narrative information highlighting the budgetary issues, a summary by departmental of goals, objectives, expenditures, and capital outlay. In addition, the budget contains the capital plan, select financial policies, and a detailed line item budget. Overall, the Village accounts for about 12.67 cents of every property tax dollar paid as shown in the graph below:


Annual Financial Report

The Village also produces a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which includes an Auditor’s report indicating that the Village’s financial statements meet all required accounting standards. Winnetka has earned the Government Finance Officer’s Association Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting annually since 1993.

Compensation Disclosure

The Village also complies with various State and Federal reporting requirements. Of particular note is the Village’s compliance with the required compensation disclosure for all Village employees.


Vehicle Licenses

The Village of Winnetka requires the purchase of an annual vehicle sticker for vehicles registered to an address within the Village limits.  The fee for a Winnetka vehicle license is $40 per vehicle.  Vehicle stickers must be displayed (lower-right hand side of the front windshield) by January 1.  Renewal applications are sent the first week of October to residents who have registered their vehicles prior to August 15.   Vehicle stickers can be purchased online (if renewing), click here, or mailed in or purchased at Village Hall.

Dog Licenses

Village code requires that any dog over the age of six months living in Winnetka be licensed. The cost of a dog tag is $15 (unsprayed female)/$10 (all others), is valid for a calendar year, and must be displayed on the dog’s collar or harness.  A current Rabies Certificate must be presented at the time of purchase and the Rabies expiration date cannot be expiring within 31 days.

If you have any questions about these items, please contact the Finance Department directly at 847-501-6000 or email us at


Parking Permits

The Village of Winnetka provides unreserved, on-street and off-street parking for various users. On-street parking is permitted, unless otherwise signed, daily from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM. Off-street parking is permitted in select parking lots for train commuters, employees in the business districts, and other users. Please read Village signs carefully before parking your vehicle.

Commuter Parking Permits

The purpose of these permits is to facilitate parking for residents and non-residents who utilize the train for commuting. Those interested in a permit must complete a commuter application. Daily Train User Parking Permits can only be purchased in person at Village Hall. The pro-rated price, depending on the month of purchase, is as follows:

Month Resident Non-Resident
January & July $ 100.00 $ 220.00
February & August $ 83.33 $ 183.33
March & September $ 66.67 $ 146.67
April & October $ 50.00 $ 110.00
May & November $ 33.33 $ 73.33
June & December $ 16.67 $ 36.67


The Village designates parking areas around the three train stations (Indian Hill, Elm Street, and Hubbard Woods) for commuter parking, as highlighted in the parking maps below:

Commuter cars must display a valid daily or six-month parking permit in these lots. In some areas, a valid Village sticker must be displayed in addition to a daily or six-month commuter permit. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee that a spot will be available in the most convenient location.

Note: Students are prohibited from purchasing or using this parking passes.


Business Employee Parking Permits

The purpose of these permits is to facilitate parking for employees who work for local businesses at a discounted price of $10 per year (July 1st-June 30th). Employee parking permits can be obtained in person at Village Hall.

Employees are required to provide the following documentation in order to receive a permit:

  • Completed signed employee parking permit application
  • Proof of employment (including a paycheck stub dated within the last 60 days, items mailed to the applicant at a Winnetka business address within the last 60 days, or a letter from the employer on company letterhead listing all current employees. Business cards or name tags are NOT sufficient proof of employment).

The purchase of a permit does not guarantee that a spot will be available in the most convenient location. Employers have the option of sending the Village a list of all employees on their company letterhead and a completed employee parking permit application for each employee. The Village will then process these permits together—saving time for both the business’ employees and the Village.

Note: Business Employee Parking Pemits expire on June 30th annually and new applications should be completed prior to July 1st. Individuals serving as residential caretakers or nannies are NOT eligible to purchase this form of parking pass.



Timothy J. Sloth, CPA
Finance Director

Anthony Vasquez
Assistant Finance Director

Dell Duckworth
Accounting Manager

Contact Information:

510 Green Bay Road
First Floor
847-446-9550 (Utility Billing)


Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

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