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Public Education

The Winnetka Fire Department provides numerous public education programs. Information on some of the programs, as well as other pertinent safety concerns, can be found below.

IMG_0507Fire Prevention Week Open House

Each year during Fire Prevention Week, the Winnetka Fire and Police Departments hold an open house. Families and children of all ages are able to see the fire apparatus and rescue equipment, talk to and meet the Firefighters, see live demonstrations and learn about fire safety.

Training Classes Offered by the Winnetka Fire Department

Classes taught to residents, businesses and special groups will incur a nominal fee to cover the cost of the off-duty personnel to teach the class. Classes can be taught in our classroom at the Fire Station or on-site at a suitable location within the Village. All classes are taught by members of the Winnetka Fire Department who have been trained and certified in the programs they present. For more information or to set-up a class for any of the following programs, contact the Winnetka Fire Department at 847-501-6029 or email

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training

Early administration of CPR to cardiac arrest victims increases their chances for survival. The Winnetka Fire Department conducts CPR certification and recertification classes quarterly. Classes may also be scheduled for special groups such as, doctor/dentist personnel, school faculty, and Boy and Girl Scout troops.

Firefighter_1AED Training

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Over 350,000 people will suffer from sudden cardiac arrest this year. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and at any age. An AED is the only effective treatment for restoring a regular heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest and is an easy to operate tool for someone with no medical background. Time is of the essence in emergencies. The average response time for first responders once 911 is called is 4-6 minutes. For each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced approximately 10%. AED training can be conducted by itself or in conjunction with a CPR class.

Boy Scout/Girl Scout First-Aid Training Class

This class is designed to meet the requirements for the First-Aid Merit Badge. The class is interactive and includes DVD instruction, paramedic demonstrations and use of medical teaching devices for practical applications. Each class is limited to 20 participants.

Au Pair Training

Au Pair Training reviews the basics of being a responsible live-in child care giver. The training focuses on how to handle various types of events from medical emergencies to storms and fires.

Additional Programs

Juvenile Fire-Setter Intervention Program
The Winnetka Fire Department’s "Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention/Prevention Program" provides support to children and parents in the community. The primary goal of the program is early recognition and treatment of fire setting tendencies, whether motivated by curiosity, anxiety, frustration, guilt or dozens of other human conditions. Through the use of educational intervention and professional referral, the Department can help families prevent more serious difficulties. For more information, contact the Winnetka Fire Department at 847-501-6029 or email

Additional public education information and fire prevention tips are available on the Fire Department’s Think Safety First page.

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