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As firefighter/paramedics, one can never receive too much training.  This is why Department training is of primary importance.   Each month, every Firefighter/Paramedic receives about 20 hours of hands-on and classroom training, which is documented using the Office of the State Fire Marshal Standards.  The training topics include but are not limited to:

  •  Incident Command
  • Structural Firefighting
  • Use Various Gas Meters
  • Extrication
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Terrorism
  • Emergency Management
  • HazMat
  • Water Rescue
  • Special Rescue
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Electrical Hazardous
  • Natural Gas Leaks
  • Water Supplies
  • Fire Pump Operations
  • Breathing Mask Drills
  • Live Fire Drills
  • Fire Prevention


In addition to our monthly training, all our Fire Officers receive additional training in management and supervisory skills. Most recently, every Fire Officer has completed the “Blue Card” Program. This is a new certification in the command of an emergency incident.

WFD_TrainingTowerOne of the best training tools and assets we have is the training tower located at the Village Yards.

Winnetka’s Training Tower allows the most realistic multi-variable training in residential and commercial fire and rescue.  One great example of training is our Night Drills.  Night training, which is required annually, is conducted twice a year at the Training Tower. This training includes multi-company operations with fire departments from our surrounding communities.

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