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Walk In Services

Winnetka Fire Department staff offer the following services at the fire station (428 Green Bay Road), Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  There is no charge for any of these services. Please call 847-501-6029 with questions about these programs.

Blood PresBPChecksure Check– A blood pressure reading provides an important and quick summary of an individual’s cardiovascular health status.  It may also aid early identification of potential medical problems and lead to early treatment.  Trained personnel are available to take blood pressure readings at the Winnetka Fire Department.





MedDisposalExpired/Unused Medications - The Village of Winnetka offers this service to its residents though a program affiliated with The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) for the disposal of hazardous medical waste (prescription and non-prescription drugs).  This program prevents medications from being disposed of in our water supply and landfills. Expired or no longer needed medication may be dropped off at the Fire Station.  You can use a marker to cover the patient’s name (we will do it for you if the name is still present). However, the name of the medication and dose needs to remain on the container.  The only medications we cannot accept are narcotics and other controlled substances.



SHARPS Disposal ProgramSharpsProgram– In addition to our Expired/Unused Medications Collection, we also provide a “SHARPS” Disposal Service.  This service is also in conjunction with SWANCC. During regular hours, the Department accepts containers of needles, syringes and diabetic finger prick cartridges for proper disposal.  We also offer Sharps Containers for the storage of these needles at home.  You simply bring in the container we provided and exchange it for a new container.  We do ask that you use these containers and not coffee cans or other containers that were not made for the storage of sharps to avoid injuries to staff that handle the containers.  NO commercial or institutional waste will be accepted.

Additional participating communities and drop-off locations can be found at the SWANCC website or by calling 847-724-9205.

Additionally, please click here to view a brochure outlining the Fire Department's prescription drug disposal program.

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