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Bulletin Board


The Police Department Bulletin Board contains important and up-to-date information about active or potential criminal activity in the area. We strive to keep residents, businesses, and visitors informed about issues and to raise awareness in the community.

Emergency Telephone Notifications

The Village subscribes to the "CodeRed" emergency notification service. This allows residents to be notified in the event of an emergency, such as hazardous materials leaks, missing persons, water outages or boil orders and other important messages. To ensure that your phone numbers are called in an emergency please go to the below link and enter them. While we probably already have your home phone numbers in the emergency database, we probably do not have your cell phone.

Please rest assured that this database is only used by the Village for this emergency notification system and will not be shared elsewhere. Click here to enroll.

Auto Burglary and Theft

In most car burglaries reported to the Winnetka Police Department, the vehicles had been left unlocked. Theft is a costly crime. It results in loss not only for those whose property is stolen, but also for the entire community since expensive police resources must be dedicated to investigating it. This crime can be prevented!

What you can do:2017_Community_Alert_-_Auto_Burglaries

  • Ensure that your vehicle is locked after you park, even if it is parked in your own driveway or in your garage.
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle, including purses, wallets, cell phones, and portable electronic devices. Never leave keys in a parked vehicle.
  • Keep the outside of your home well lit at night, including the garage area.
  • Be observant and call 911 immediately to report any suspicious activity to the Winnetka Police Department.

Auto thefts and burglaries of autos are often "crimes of opportunity." The Winnetka Police Department frequently receives reports of money or other items, often left in open view, stolen from unlocked vehicles. Many times these crimes are committed by individuals who just happen to be passing by and can't resist the temptation to take something that is easily within their reach. Valuables should never be left in view inside of a vehicle.

Taking simple, common-sense precautions will help to reduce the number of thefts that are committed in Winnetka. Minimizing the opportunity for these types of crimes to be committed will help keep our community a safe and secure place.

Beware of IRS Telephone Scams

Several residents have reported receiving telephone calls from people claiming to work for the IRS.  The scammers typically claim an unpaid tax liability is due and try to elicit private information or payments from the resident.  The IRS does not initiate any such calls and will not ask for private information via phone or email.  More information about this scam is available by clicking here

Residents should be cautious of any unknown phone calls or emails.  The themes and manners of scams are endless.  Keep in mind legitimate organizations won’t ask for personal information over the phone, such as Social Security, Bank Information, Account Numbers or Passwords.  When in doubt, simply hang up – if you do business with the organization that allegedly called, call them back at a known phone number.


The Winnetka Police Department does not solicit donations. More information is available; click here.

Summer is the peak time of year for door to door sales. While some solicitors are authorized and legitimate, many are not. The Winnetka Police Department encourages all residents to take some basic precautions when dealing with unknown solicitors.

When someone knocks at your door, don’t open it unless you know your visitor. View the person through a door viewer or window. Ask who they are and what they want. If the person is a sales representative, ask to see identification and their solicitors permit. A legitimate solicitor will have a Village of Winnetka permit. Have the person slip their credentials through the mail slot or view them through the window or door viewer. If you choose to conduct business with a legitimate sales representative, limit the amount of personal information you provide. Never provide a social security or bank debit card number.

If the solicitor does not have a permit or refuses to provide identification, do not open the door and advise them you are not interested in their sales presentation. If you have concerns or questions on the legitimacy of a permit, contact the Winnetka Police Department to verify the identity of the individual and the organization they purport to represent. If the solicitor becomes belligerent, tell him/her to leave your property and call the Police non-emergency line at 847-501-6034.

Call 911 immediately to report suspicious person(s) and activities. This includes a solicitor who refuses to leave your property or has become hostile or threatening.

Security Survey

The Winnetka Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers free security surveys. Upon request, an officer will conduct a survey of your home and make recommendations on how you can make the building more secure and reduce the opportunity of becoming the victim of a crime. For more information or to schedule a survey, please contact Sergeant James Harrison at 847-716-3404.

Wildlife in Winnetka

If you are concerned about coyote sightings in the Village, click here for more information about urban wildlife. Indigenous wild animals in Winnetka will be handled according to Illinois Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife laws. If one of these animals has acted aggressively, endangered the safety of a person, or attacked a domestic pet, residents are asked to call the Winnetka Police Department 911 Emergency Number to report animals meeting these criteria.

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