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The Winnetka Police Department is comprised of 28 sworn officers, 5 non-sworn full-time employees, and 5 non-sworn part-time employees.  Together they staff the three main divisions within the Department: Administration, Administrative Services, and Operations.


PD_StarThe Administration Section consists of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief, and the Public Safety Analyst. In addition to coordinating and overseeing all law enforcement related activities in the Village, the Administration Section establishes the goals and objectives for the Police Department, prepares and oversees the Police Department budget, conducts labor management and contract negotiations, administers the police personnel and compensation function, processes Freedom of Information Act requests, interacts with the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners regarding police personnel issues, coordinates mutual aid agreements with other agencies, engages in research and development, directs the Department’s media and public relations activities, oversees building maintenance, coordinates use of the Public Safety Building classroom, and is available to the public for consultation concerning law enforcement matters.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Section consists of four civilian employees and is headed by the Lead Records Specialist. Members of the Administrative Services Section are assigned to the Records Section. They process and maintain all police reports, information relating to false burglar alarms, parking violations and various other reports required by county, state and federal governments.


The Operations Section of the Winnetka Police Department consists of two Commanders, five Sergeants, eighteen Police Officers, (including two assigned as Investigators and one as New Trier High School Liaison), and four Community Service Officers. This section is the backbone of the police agency.

PD_MotorcycleMembers of the Winnetka Police Department Operations Section also assume additional tasks and responsibilities by participating in multi-jurisdictional organizations. The Investigations Unit consists of two officers. Its primary function is to conduct follow-up investigations of major criminal activity that occurs in the Village.

Two full-time and two part-time Community Service Officers complete the Operations Section. Their duties are primarily parking enforcement animal control, traffic control, school crossing assignments, and other calls for assistance.

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