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Public Works

The Winnetka Public Works Department is a full-service department providing residents with a variety of services and programs. The Public Works Department is staffed with 30.5 full-time employees ranging from administrative staff to maintenance workers all working together to ensure services are provided efficiently and effectively. The Public Works Department is organized into four divisions; administration, engineering, operations, and forestry to effectively and efficiently respond to and provide services for residents.

pw-front-entrance-sign-img-20190423The Public Works Department, under the direction of the Public Works Director, provides a number of services and programs to Winnetka residents, including but not limited to: street and sewer management, maintenance, and repairs, refuse collection, fleet maintenance, tree management and maintenance, infrastructure design and construction management, and administrative staff support. In all the Public Works Department manages and maintains over 58 miles of roadway, 109 miles of sewer lines, provides refuse collection to approximately 4,000 households, reviews over 200 development plans a year, and cares for thousands of parkway trees.

Operating Divisions

Streets: The Street Maintenance Division consists of the Street Supervisor and eight Maintenance Workers. Much of the 50 miles of roadway within Winnetka are within the Village’s jurisdiction, and the Street Maintenance Division is responsible for pavement maintenance, structure maintenance, traffic control, snow and ice control, as well as public property maintenance related to these roads.

Commonly, you will see the Street Maintenance team performing the routing and preventative maintenance of the Village roadways—such as pothole patching, base repair and strengthening, and street sweeping. The Village also maintains road-related structures, such as the five bridges over METRA tracks and the three underpasses beneath them, as well as the bi-level parking structure in Hubbard Woods.

All Snow and Ice Control functions are the responsibility of the Street Maintenance Division. In the winter, they are busy with the plowing and salting of streets and sidewalks, in addition to the loading and removal of snow from public streets and parking lots within the three business districts.

Sewers: The Sewer Maintenance Division is responsible for the Village’s two separate sewer systems: storm and sanitary. The storm sewer system collects stormwater runoff from streets and yards, downspouts, and sump pump discharges, while the sanitary sewer system collects wastewater from interior plumbing systems. The Village’s storm sewers drain either to the Skokie River and its tributary, the East Diversion Ditch, or to Lake Michigan. The Village’s sanitary sewers drain to a network of intercepting sewers operated by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD). These intercepting sewers convey wastewater to the North Side Treatment Plant located near Howard Street and McCormick Boulevard in Skokie, where it is treated and discharged to the North Shore Channel, and ultimately, to the North Branch of the Chicago River.

The Sewer Maintenance Division performs construction, operation, and maintenance work of these two critical Village systems. A team of the Sewer Maintenance Supervisor and four Maintenance Workers carry out these duties. Winnetka provides cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to the sanitary sewer mains, manholes, and lift stations located within the Village. This team also operates and repairs storm sewer infrastructure, including open ditches, pumping stations, catch basins, and storm sewer mains.

Refuse: The Refuse Division consists of the Refuse Supervisor and six Refuse Collectors. The Refuse Division provides refuse collection services which includes weekly back-door residential garbage collection, weekly commercial refuse collection, twice-a-week residential yard
waste collection, special refuse collections and maintenance and monitoring of the landfill.

Fleet: The Fleet Maintenance Division consists of the Fleet Supervisor and two Mechanics. The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains all motorized equipment owned by the Village, including all routine preventative maintenance as well as most repairs.

In addition to the services provided, the Public Works Department provides Winnetka residents with a number of special programs, such as Spring Cleanup, Leaf Collection, Holiday Tree Collection, Snow & Ice Control, Recycling, and other related community services all of which are provided at no additional charge.

The Public Works Department is committed to the continuous improvement of the community and always striving to improve the services it provides to Winnetka residents. Per regulations, the Village of Winnetka is required to post certain permits and reports. To view current documents, follow the links (by document) below:

Contact Information:

1390 Willow Road


Monday – Friday
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Steve Saunders
Director of Public Works/Village Engineer

Jim Bernahl
Assistant Director of Public Works

Steve Auth
Superintendent of Operations

Susan Chen
Assistant Village Engineer

Jim Stier
Village Forester

Brendon Mendoza
Public Works Analyst




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