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Street Maintenance

Another of the four operating divisions of the Public Works Department is the Street Maintenance Division. This team consists of the Street Supervisor, Street Technician, and eight Maintenance Workers. Much of the 50 miles of roadway within Winnetka are within the Village’s jurisdiction, and the Street Maintenance Division is responsible for pavement maintenance, structure maintenance, traffic control, snow and ice control, as well as public property maintenance related to these roads.

PW_Dump_TruckCommonly, you will see the Street Maintenance team performing the routing and preventative maintenance of the Village roadways—such as pothole patching, base repair and strengthening, and street sweeping. The Village also maintains road-related structures, such as the five bridges over METRA tracks and the three underpasses beneath them, as well as the bi-level parking structure in Hubbard Woods.

All Snow and Ice Control functions are the responsibility of the Street Maintenance Division. In the winter, they are busy with the plowing and salting of streets and sidewalks, in addition to the loading and removal of snow from public streets and parking lots within the three business districts.

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