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Business Development

2018 Business Survey Findings Report

In April, the Village issued a Request for Proposals for an independent survey of all businesses in Winnetka. Our goal was to engage the business community in a new way--highlighting our desire to meet their needs, while providing high quality services. Having a survey conducted by a third party ensures an unbiased and robust tool to obtain information from the business community on a wide range of topics. 

ETC Institute was selected to design and administer the survey, and they created a custom survey for Winnetka designed to ensure relevance and applicability year over year, should the Village want to track future progress and trends. We hope the feedback received can help guide future decision-making about priorities for business and economic development.

The Findings Report was presented at the October 9 Village Council Study Session. It will continue to be shared as we seek additional feedback and perspectives to help shape action steps.

Business Survey Findings Report

ETC Presentation to Village Council (October 9, 2018)

Why Winnetka?

The Village of Winnetka’s goal is to not only make opening a new business quick and easy, but to maintain close relationships with current businesses ensuring they receive continuous support and the most prompt, professional, and courteous service always.

  • Business friendly environment
  • Streamlined processes
  • Full-time economic development staff to meet your needs.
  • High income and image community
  • Strong shop local culture
  • Collaborative marketing opportunities
  • Excellent public transportation access
  • Close proximity to the City of Chicago

Please contact Cindy Plante with any questions regarding opening a new business, new developments, expansions, relocations, or if you are looking for available space at or 847-716-3528.


Demographic and Traffic Data

Thinking about locating your business in Winnetka, but would like more data before doing so? Use the links below to find important demographic and traffic information. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact Cindy Plante at or call 847-716-3528 for assistance.

US Census Quick Fact Data

Traffic Counts


Winnetka Statistics

Date of Incorporation: March 10, 1869
Form of Government: Council/Manager
Geographic Location: North Shore suburb of Chicago, located in Cook County
Area: 3.81 square miles


1940: 12,430 1980: 12,772 2012: 12,370
1950: 12,105 1990: 12,174  2014: 12,490
1960: 13,368 2000: 12,419  
1970: 14,131 2010: 12,187  


Municipal Services and Facilities - 2016 Figures

Number of Full-Time Employees: 152

Financial Position

Bond Rating: Aaa
Operating Revenues (General Fund, FY 15): $24.51 million
Operating Expenses (General Fund, FY 15): $23.99 million

Building Inspection

Number of Permits Issued: 1,342
Construction Value of Permits Issued: $62,674,623

Fire Protection

Number of Firefighters: 24
Calls for Service: 2,119
Number of Fire Stations: 1
Number of Fire Hydrants: 771
I.S.O. Rating Class: 3

Police Protection

Number of Police Officers: 28 (sworn) and 5 (non-sworn)
Number of Police Stations: 1
Annual Calls for Service: 7,670

Public Works

Miles of Streets Maintained: 58
Leaf Program Annual Collection: 7,720 cubic yards

Recycling Collection Totals: Electronics- 76,550 pounds; Documents- 23,880 pounds; Medications- 419 pounds; Sharps- 263 pounds; CLF Bulbs- 2,620 bulbs; and Mercury- under 5 pounds

Municipal Water Utility

Total Water Consumption: 892,154,730 gallons
Number of Water Meters: 4,312
Miles of Water Main: 71.5

Municipal Electric Utility

Total Electric Consumption: 122,764,680 kWh
Peak System Electric Demand: 35,281 MW
Historical Peak System Electric Demand: 40.09 MW (August 1, 2006)
Number of Electric Meters: 5,071
Average Annual Residential Consumption: 18,057 kWh’s/year


Business Promotion

The Village wants to help promote and market your business.  The Village can help draw attention to your business through its many communication channels and by working with the media.

If you are:
  • Celebrating an anniversary
  • Expanding your business
  • Hosting a new event
  • Have a photo opportunity

Contact Cindy Plante at or call 847-716-3528 to share your information.

Other promotional opportunities include:


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