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2018 Business Survey

In April 2018, the Village issued a Request for Proposals for an independent survey of all businesses in Winnetka. Our goal was to engage the business community in a new way--highlighting our desire to meet their needs, while providing high quality services. Having a survey conducted by a third party ensures an unbiased and robust tool to obtain information from the business community on a wide range of topics. 

ETC Institute was selected to design and administer the survey, and they created a custom survey for Winnetka designed to ensure relevance and applicability year over year, should the Village want to track future progress and trends. We hope the feedback received can help guide future decision-making about priorities for business and economic development.

The Findings Report was presented at the October 9 Village Council Study Session. It will continue to be shared as we seek additional feedback and perspectives to help shape action steps.

Business Survey Findings Report

ETC Presentation to Village Council (October 9, 2018)

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