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Sponsorship Requests

To request the Village of Winnetka to provide in-kind services and/or monetary sponsorship for your event please review the sponsorship policy below and submit a completed application to


Policy Overview:

Applicant must be located in the Village of Winnetka and/or provide public benefit to enhance the quality of life for residents of the Village of Winnetka.

Individuals are not eligible

Application must be submitted at least 120 day in advance of the event.

Please make sure to read the entire sponsorship policy before starting an application. The policy can be viewed here: Sponsorship Policy

Some events may require a separate Special Event Permit from the Winnetka Police Department.


What is the Village looking for when reviewing sponsorship requests?

Does the event provide broad community impact and/or Winnetka identity building?

Does the event benefit the economic health of the Winnetka community?

How many residents will participate/benefit from the event?


Sponsorship Request Application


2018 Sponsorships Awarded  
First Fridays in Hubbard Woods  First Friday of every month April-November
Winnetka Music Festival June 15 & 16, Elm Street Business District
Art in The Village    June 23 & 24, Hubbard Woods Park
East Elm Wine Walk  September 22, East Elm Street Business District
Art Attack October 5, Hubbard Woods Business District


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