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Electric Department Performing Thermography Inspections of Lines & Equipment


The Water & Electric Department will be performing thermography inspections of the Village’s overhead power lines, distribution centers, switchgear and select transformer sites. Thermography is a non-destructive test method that may be used to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems. Work is scheduled to begin on July 17th and last approximately two weeks. The contractor, Menezil Engineering, will be performing a preventative maintenance inspection of overhead lines looking for “hot spots,” as these can be a precursor to a failure. The thermography vehicle will be moving slowly throughout the Village along the utility lines to complete the assessment.  In order to inspect some of the lines located at the rear of property and pad mount transformer locations, the inspectors will be using handheld devices. 

This work is being undertaken to maintain the safe and reliable operation of the Village’s electric distribution system. For further information on the thermography inspections, please contact the Water & Electric Department’s non-emergency number at 847.716.3558.


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