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Electric Department Performing Utility Wood Pole Inspections

The Water & Electric Department will be performing inspections of the wooden distribution poles of the Village’s overhead distribution system. Work is scheduled to begin on July 29 and last approximately 2 weeks.  
The contractor, Osmose, will be performing a preventative maintenance inspection of the wooden poles which includes a partial excavation near the base of each pole. The partial excavation method is used to determine the integrity of the pole and provide treatment if necessary. The contactor will be located in the east vicinity of the Village, specifically Hawthorn Lane south to Warwick Road, from Church Road, east to Sheridan Road.
This work is being undertaken to maintain the safe and reliable operation of the Village’s electric distribution system. For further information on the utility wood pole inspections, please contact the Water & Electric Department’s non-emergency number at 847-716-3558.

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