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While from our first to last breath clean air is often taken for granted, it is important to improve air quality for public health while preserving natural resources. There is much that Winnetkans as individuals, families and local agencies can do to improve local air quality such as:

  • Limiting emissions from smoking, yard equipment such as leaf blowers, charcoal barbeques, home aerosol-based products, furnaces (CO) and demolition (asbestos).
  • Maintaining cars in good repair and considering emissions when shopping for new vehicles.
  • Selecting alternative modes of transportation such as walking, bicycling and public transit whenever possible.
  • Support and comply with the No Idling initiatives of the public schools and Village.
  • Consider the environmental benefits to our air when planting and maintaining landscaping.  According to the International Society of Arboriculture, leaves filter dust and other particles from the air, absorb pollutants such as carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

Even though a small area such as Winnetka has limited effect on regional air quality, it is important to continue to provide education to reduce local air pollution.

The Village of Winnetka has several air improvement initiatives in place that support air quality goals including:

  • No-idling policy for Village trucks and equipment (subject to operational and staff safety needs).
  • Strategic placement of no idling signage in commuter areas in support of the 2012 EFC Initiative.
  • Status as an Illinois Green Fleets Community through having and supporting environmentally friendly vehicles and fuels to improve air quality.
  • Fire Department educational initiatives on replacement/maintenance of carbon monoxide detectors, which are required by the State of Illinois.
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