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Context within which the EFC Operates

The Village Council has given the Winnetka Environmental and Forestry Commission a broad mandate to assist the Village in disseminating information about environmental and forestry matters and to make recommendations concerning policies the Village might adopt. The Commission will continue its historical functions in forestry and has added environmental issues in an advisory role to the Village Council. The specific charges are contained in the enabling ordinance establishing the Commission.

The Village of Winnetka is a small municipality and many solutions to environmental issues may well be better handled at the national, regional, state or other levels of government. Accordingly, the Commission focuses its resources on local solutions which can have an impact and to take advantage of expertise available from many sources and the synergies which can be achieved through partnering with other organizations and municipalities.

Each of the major areas of activity identified in the principles will be approached from three perspectives:

  • Public education and participation
  • Enhancement of Village’s own operations and municipal incentive or regulation
  • Collaboration with other governmental bodies and environmental organizations

Review of the preferences of the members of the Commission and the answers to Winnetka Caucus surveys dictates that the Commission focus the majority of it effort toward education of Winnetka residents. By doing so, over a sustained period it is hoped that the culture of our community can become more environmentally attuned and it will become easy and popular to engage in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Recommendations are made to the Village only after a thorough, data-based study.

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