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The Environmental and Forestry Commission aims to preserve and enhance the forest canopy, publicly accessible open/green space and walkability of the Village of Winnetka.IMG_1718

In all natural environments, an ecologically balanced and publicly accessible open space must be maintained and enhanced. This open space is necessary for a multitude of needs that include but are not limited to visual and kinetic enjoyment, storm water management and maintenance of biodiversity. Even though most of the larger, green (forest) and blue (lake) open spaces are managed by the Forest Preserve, Winnetka Park District and schools, the Village manages a large amount of open space such as streets, sidewalks and parkways. The Village’s commitment to preserving land is evident by its status as a “Tree City USA Community”.

More details can be found in the Forestry section of the Village’s Public Works page.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

(coming soon)


Pesticides are a valuable tool for Illinois' agricultural production and to the protection of humans and the environment from pests, but it is essential to our general health and welfare that they be regulated to prevent adverse effects on humans and our environment.

Below are resources from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Department of Agriculture regarding pesticide usage:

Pesticide Resources (Environmentla Protection Agency)

Pesticide Use & Regulations (Illinois Department of Agriculture)

Restricted Use Product Summary Report (Environmentla Protection Agency)

Urban Forest Utilization

Did you know that trees removed in Winnetka can be recycled into mulch, furniture, flooring and more? In urban forest utilization, sawmills collect removed trees from communities and use them to create various wood products. The Village currently recycles a portion of their removed parkway trees through this practice. For more information, visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resource’s Urban and Community Forestry Program page, or call the Village Forester at 847 716-3535.

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