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Municipal Operations

Village municipal services are divided into Village, Schools, Park, and Library boards and functions. The Village board provides life safety, transportation, water, and waste infrastructure. Winnetka also provides electrical power to the Village through the Illinois Municipal Energy Agency.  A Village lifestyle is provided through a high performing municipal operation governed by a Village Manager and elected Trustees. Sustainable life styles are encouraged through ordinance, pricing, education, and expenditure of Village funds to facilitate stewardship and conservation. The Village has a standing Environmental and Forestry Commission with a dedicated staff liaison. The Village operates a safe, clean and efficient fleet through its in-house fleet services division and has in place an anti-idling policy for Village-owned vehicles.

GRC2 Municipal Operations Goals

  • Lead by demonstrating sustainable values and practices
  • Integrate sustainability into all municipal operations
  • Operate a safe, clean and efficient fleet
  • Collect and manage data to advance sustainability
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