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Process for Consideration of Initiatives

Projects to induce a sustainable life style should be ranked according to their potential to produce the greatest change for Winnetka with the least effort. While focusing on this ratio of “Benefit-Cost” can lead to an over emphasis of small change with very small efforts, project choice should not ignore necessary large but difficult changes.

Any comparison is dependent upon the same initial step: identification of a critical aspect of that desired, which can be measured. Measures may be multiple and complicated. Environmental issues are challenging because many involve complex, long-term economic transfers and complex chemical interaction. Thus they require detailed study that includes economics, chemistry, physics & biology, as well as public behavior.

A simple form of determining benefit to cost ratio of changing or greening Winnetka life style can be summarized with a series of five questions:

Change: What is the resource or activity to change?
Benefit: What is the measurable benefit?
Method: Are there mechanisms that can be adopted or expenditures made by the Village to alter the activity or resource?
Cost: What is the identifiable cost?
Response: What is the public response to the proposed mechanism or expenditure?

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