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Waste and Recycling

Sustainable activity must include reduction, reuse and recycling of materials. So far the Village has focused principally on recycling through its contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems and its partnership with the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County. While recycling refers to all materials, it is helpful to separate solid waste from water. Water recycling is controlled by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District through its treatment of waste water and regulation of water that may returned to Lake Michigan or the North Branch of the Chicago River. Reduction of solid waste within Winnetka is facilitated through separate collection of recycled materials from solid waste. Separation and collection of food waste is becoming of increasing interest. Recycling is encouraged through ordinance, pricing, education, and expenditure of Village funds. The Village operates its own in-house refuse collection services, in which operations are regularly assessed. The Village also hosts a weekly electronics recycling drop-off program for residents and offers special recycling programs for materials such as Styrofoam, CFL bulbs and batteries.

GRC2 Waste and Recycling Goals

  • Support sustainable material management
  • Recycle materials across all sectors
  • Divert waste from landfills
  • Enact policies that cause sustainable material management
  • Engage the community in waste reduction and recycling

Click here to view the Village's Recycling Guide!

Click here to view the SWANCC Special Material Programs Guide!

Recyclable Items

The Village currently offers curbside recycling pick up for many paper, plastic (1-7 except 6), and glass items. Click here for details.

Working in conjunction with SWANCC (Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County) the Village also offers recycling of electronic items, such as televisions and computer monitors. It is illegal to dispose of these items in landfills.

For recycling of smaller electronics, such as laptop computers and mp3 players, the Village partners with Avenues to Independence. These items can be dropped off at the Public Works facility located at 1390 Willow Road, weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. For more information on the program and a list of acceptable electronics, click here.

The Village has a working relationship with Dart Container Corp. where we are able to recycle #6 Styrofoam, both block-style and food service items.

Through the Winnetka Fire Department the Village provides for the safe disposal of most prescription and over-the-counter medicine.

As part of its Refuse and Recycling services, the Village offers Yard Waste collection. Click here for details.

You may also recycle your used, worn out athletic shoes at the Public Works facility located at 1390 Willow Road, weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Village has a year round recycling collection of all types of holiday lights at the Public Works Yards.


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