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Strategic Plan: Focus Areas, Principles, Process & Context

Encouragement and facilitation of a sustainable lifestyle involve education and changes in habit through education, ordinance and/or pricing of services, as well as expenditure of Village funds to provide the high performance infrastructure that facilitate stewardship and conservation. Sustainability requires utilizing the minimum number of resources to protect the environment, while maximizing the benefit for the producer and community, without compromising future generations. Accomplishing this mission requires integrated activity with the Village staff, other Winnetka boards, and governing bodies that serve the greater Winnetka area and region.

Activities that guide the Commission’s work are divided into two groups: 1) ten areas of focus as described by Greenest Region Compact and 2) Operational Principles, Process, and Context of the EFC.

Focus Areas

View any one of the 10 focus areas below for a summary of goals within that area. Strategies within a focus area are found within the GRC2 Framework Document.


Principles that guide activities that span all ten Greenest Region Compact 2 focus areas are:

  • Educate and engage the public to increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship and resource and energy conservation

  • Study and recommend Winnetka-centric changes in policy and expenditures through a measurable, data based process involving public input.

  • Collaborate with Winnetka and regional governmental bodies and environmental and conservation organizations. 

View more details on the EFC's process

View more details on the context with which the EFC operates

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