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The overall objective is to reduce pollution of the water in and near to Winnetka. One of the most valuable resources to Winnetka is Lake Michigan, which we drink and in which we recreate.  Water shed by Winnetka as waste or storm water runoff will become increasingly scrutinized and regulated to reduce pollution and increase sustainability of the region. Given the increasing need for clean drinking water, it is important to reduce consumption and reduce pollution of the storm water. Winnetka benefits from separate sanitary and storm water sewer systems which reduces the complexity of pollution reduction. While the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District both treats the sanitary waste and regulates encroachment of the flood plain to control flooding, Winnetka may enforce more strict storm water regulations.

GRC2 Water Goals

  • Use and distribute water efficiently
  • Protect and improve and water quality
  • Manage water system assets sustainably
  • Optimize the use of natural and built systems to manage stormwater
  • Practice stewardship of water resources
  • Enact policies to protect water resources
  • Engage the community in water stewardship

Coal Tar Evaluation

List of licensed pavement sealant contractors.

In April, 2014, the Village Council asked the EFC to study and make a recommendation about a potential ban on coal-tar based sealants, as a local environmental regulation that would benefit water quality.  In July, the EFC made its recommendation and on August 19, the Village Council adopted Ordinance No. MC-7-2014, which banned the use of coal tar-based sealing agents on all (public and private) driveways, parking lots and all other roadway surfaces. Other suitable sealing products are available.

See the additional documentation on the coal tar ban below:

Stormwater and Flooding

Stormwater Best Management Practices Guide for Residents - This guide was developed by the Winnetka Environmental and Forestry Commission as a resource for homeowners to help educate and give practical examples of ways to help make properties stormwater-friendly.

Chemicals, Paints & Solvents

Click here to view local paint disposal locations.

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