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Landmark Preservation Commission

Regular meetings of the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) take place on the first Monday of every month. All meetings are held at Village Hall and start at 7:00 p.m.


The LPC consists of seven Winnetka residents appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Village Trustees. The Village President also designates one member of the Committee to serve as chairperson. Members of the Landmark Preservation Commission serve for terms of three years, which are staggered to assure the Board’s continuity.

Members of the LPC are appointed based on a demonstrated expertise, experience or interest in historic preservation, architecture, architectural history, urban planning, building construction, real estate, finance, engineering or neighborhood organization.

Powers and Duties

Functions of the LPC include:

  • Conducting an ongoing survey of the Village, using the criteria identified in the Landmark Preservation Ordinance, to identify buildings, structures and properties that are of historic, cultural or architectural significance, and are therefore potential landmarks;
  • Developing and maintaining information pertaining to the physical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation and reuse, and making available to owners of existing and potential landmarks;
  • Maintaining information on procedures for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, and making information available to owners of potential landmarks;
  • Informing and educating the Village’s residents about the historic, cultural or architectural heritage of the Village;
  • Holding public hearings and making findings and recommendations to the Village Council on applications for landmark designation;
  • Reviewing and commenting on applications for alterations affecting designated landmarks, as well as compiling information concerning potential and designated landmarks;
  • Preparing and publishing maps and/or registers of potential and designated landmarks;
  • Establishing an appropriate system of certificates, markers or plaques for designated landmarks;
  • Reviewing applications for demolition permits and determining whether a Historic and Architectural Impact Study (HAIS) should be conducted before a demolition permit is issued; and
  • Seeking grants and donations to achieve the purposes of the Landmark Preservation Ordinance.


Below is a list of the current members of the LPC, including their position, contact information, and terms:

Louise Holland Chair 847-446-1681 10/15/2014
Katie Comstock At-Large 312-545-4565 5/1/2021
Paul Weaver At-Large 847-446-5739 10/06/2018
Christopher Enck At-Large 630-334-0952 06/03/2017
Laura Good At-Large 847-386-6170 10/15/2017
Joe Stuart At-Large 312-656-2259 2/5/2022
Beth Ann Papoutsis At-Large 847-784-8417 07/01/2018
Jack Coladarci Council Representative 847-784-1623  
Chris Marx Staff Liaison 847-716-3587  


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