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Council Members

Regular meetings of the Village Council take place on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Study session meetings, as required, take place on the second Tuesday of the month. All meetings are held at Village Hall and start at 7:00 p.m.

2018-19_CouncilAll members of the Council are elected for two year terms (for a maximum of two terms), with the Trustees being elected at large and serving staggered terms. The Village President presides at Council meetings, serves as the Council spokesperson and provides leadership to the Village Council. The Council functions under well-defined rules which spell out responsibilities and procedures. The Village Council serves as the policy making body of the Village, incorporating input from Village citizens into its decisions. The Council meets as a committee of the whole, but relies upon a wide range of boards and commissions to assist in meeting the needs of citizens of the Village.

Below is a list of the current Village Council, including their position, contact information, and terms. You may also contact the Council by email at

Chris Rintz President 847-441-5718 05/01/2019
Andrew Cripe Trustee 847-441-8055 05/01/2019
Penny Lanphier Trustee 847-441-8995 05/01/2020
Bob Dearborn Trustee 847-446-2961 05/01/2019
Scott Myers Trustee 847-441-6560 05/01/2019
Anne Wedner Trustee 847-501-4457 05/01/2020
John Swierk Trustee 847-446-6460 5/1/2020


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