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Fiscal Transparency

The following Village of Winnetka reports provide valuable information regarding Village operations and offer the public and opportunity to learn about Village finances and practices. Proper reporting not only provides for public transparency, but is also necessary to comply with State of Illinois statutes and to maintain Winnetka’s strong “Aaa” bond rating from Moody's.

Documents are listed and linked separately below. Please be patient as large documents may take time to download.

Village Budgets

The Budget is adopted annually by the Village Board and is the official financial plan for the Village’s operating departments. Financial transactions are reported in individual funds, though the General Fund is the primary fund for Village accounts and departmental revenues and expenses. The Budget also presents information related to Winnetka’s debt positions, pensions, and planned capital improvements. Historically, the Village operated a May 1 to April 30 fiscal year; this was changed in 2013. The Village currently follows a January 1, or calendar-based, fiscal year.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

As required by law, the Village is annually audited. The CAFR presents Winnetka’s audited financial position and activity over the past year, in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Police and Fire Pension Funds Investment Reports

The Police and Fire Pension Boards, charged with administering the Village's two public safety pension funds, provide the quarterly investment reports for each fund below.

Police Pension Fund

Fire Pension Fund

Compensation and Benefit Reports

In accordance with Illinois Public act 096-0434, the Village has made available an itemized compensation report and annual leave allotment for all its full-time employees.

Other Financial Documents

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