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Freedom of Information Act

A request for public records, as prescribed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), can also be made through Manager’s Office staff. The Village will respond to written requests for inspection, copying or certification of public records in accordance with the Illinois FOIA, 5 ILCS 140. Under the Act, the Village must disclose all requested public records except:

  1. Public records that would, if disclosed, violate individual privacy;
  2. Public records whose production would disrupt the duly undertaken work of the Village;
  3. Public records that are specifically exempted from disclosure by the Act or other applicable law.

A more detailed explanation of the FOIA Guidelines is available for review. The request packets are also available at any Village office. Please contact Mary Ivins, the Village’s FOIA Officer with questions at 847-716-3545 or

Submit a FOIA Request

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