The Village of Winnetka is a municipal body, incorporated in 1869, that operates under the Council-Manager form of government. It is governed by the Village Council, which consists of an elected Village President and six Trustees, whose duties are outlined in the Village Charter and Illinois State Statutes. All members of the Village Council are elected for two-year terms, with Trustees elected at-large and serving staggered terms. As the elected representatives of Winnetka, the Village Council sets Village policy through the adoption of ordinances, resolutions, motions and budgets.

The Village Council has adopted Procedural Guidelines related to the conduct of its meetings to help ensure the following goals are achieved:

  • that the public is fully informed of all actions taken by the Village Council;
  • that the Village Council’s deliberations and decision-making are fair and open;
  • that members of the Village Council remain accessible to the citizens of the Village and receive their opinions and concerns with respect;
  • that those who speak at Village Council meetings respect the time, opinions and rights of others; and
  • that order is maintained at all meetings of the Village Council.
Follow the link to read the rest of the Village Council Procedural Guidelines.

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