Then and Now


Linden Avenue Businesses

Though today Winnetka is a small town compared to many, in terms of land size and population, its history reveals it has been a bustling community where much has changed over time. What follows is a presentation of historic photographs and narrative, with comparison photos of what exists in the same approximate location today.


Meyer Store Building

The photography depicts Dr. James W. Nelson’s carte-de-visite to the Meyer building. Dr. Nelson had an office on the second floor. The picture was taken in 1880 at the northwest corner of Elm Street.


Winnetka United States Post Office

The group of 21 men in front of the Post Office building is believed to be from the 1940’s. It is either the post office at 710 Elm Street or the one at 552 Chestnut Street.


Conney’s Pharmacy

This is a photograph of Conney’s Pharmacy taken around 1945 at its 738 Elm Street location. At the time, Conney’s features a soda foundation and lunch counter.


Gage and Linden Streets

The photograph shows Gage Street and linden Streets (Hubbard Woods Business District), in addition to Meyers & Co. Real Estate and Hubbard Woods Pharmacy. Judging by some of the picture’s details, this appears to have been taken in the 1960’s. A visitor today would be viewing the southeast corner of the intersection from the northwest corner.


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