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New Permit Requirements for Right-of-Way Excavation and Restoration

August 25, 2017 01:48 PM

Beginning September 1, the Village will implement new permit and inspection requirements specific to construction operations in public streets.  Currently, upon completion of the work within the right-of-way, the contractor notifies the Village, and the final patchwork is then performed by the Village. The new procedure requires the permittee to construct the permanent roadway patches and curb repairs.  The goal of these changes is to reduce the amount of disturbance in the right-of-way, improve motorist and pedestrian safety in these areas, and to formalize the procedures and responsibilities for the street restoration. 

Contractors working in Winnetka will be advised of the new right-of-way excavation/restoration permit application process, and all projects involving work in the roadway submitted on or after September 1, 2017 will adhere to the new requirements.  The extended use of steel plates for excavations in Winnetka’s roads is no longer permissible.  Once excavation work within the right-of-way is complete, the contractor will be required to fill the excavation, schedule the required inspections, and install the permanent roadway surface patch within a 72-hour period. 

Questions regarding the new requirements should be directed to Assistant Public Works Director Jim Bernahl at 847-716-3261 or


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